The combination of proven technologies with innovative solutions creates a completely new approach to the transportation of passengers and cargo, infrastructure, and green solutions.


SmartWorld is a program of global and innovative solutions supporting humanity’s growing population centers

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Not just transport but a holistic ecosystem

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About the founder

Dr. Anatoli Unitsky is the creator of the SmartWorld program. Being a Belarusian engineer and inventor, he devoted his life to the search, development, and implementation of transport, infrastructure, and energy-efficient solutions capable of improving the quality of life. Anatoli Unitsky's approach to mobility is in line with the new and better way of life as it reduces the negative environmental impacts caused by human technological activities including carbon footprint.

Unitsky String Transport, the first stage of the SmartWorld program, is demonstrated in the EcoTechnoPark R&D Center (Belarus) and the Test & Certification Center (UAE). More than 600 highly qualified engineers are employed today only by one company, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. (Minsk, Belarus).


The SmartWorld program is an innovative “green” approach to transport, logistics, production, and energy infrastructure. Just as highways and airports transformed remote locales into population centers during the last century, the SmartWorld program re-architects how we think about modern metropolitan development. Download our Whitepaper to learn more.



The SmartWorld program is an innovative “green” approach to transport, logistics, production, and energy infrastructure, aiming to form a technological foundation for the safe and harmonious development of the world in the long-term perspective.

Transportation is the first and the foremost stage of the SmartWorld program, which is being developed today. Unitsky String Transport provides a completely new way of transporting men and cargo. Unlike many transportation systems today, this technology yields the potential to change the way cities expand and offers greener, faster, and more efficient systems to continue to scale peacefully. The SmartWorld program vision conceives a city where a single efficient platform supplies the most basic human needs, alongside which, humanity can thrive in affordable modernized housing.

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